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About Us

Wynk was established in November of 2007. We just celebrated our 7 year anniversary as one of the most excellent Kearney clothing boutiques. The idea of "WYNK," was brought about by the need for specialty fashion apparel, accessories, footwear, handbags, and individual style. Because of our location individuals that were looking for this sort of apparel had to drive at least two hours. We as a boutique/brand wanted to bring this speicalty clothing to our Kearney location because there was a need for it! The big city now comes to us for our specialty merchandise and the service that we as Wynk Boutique provide.

As a fashion boutique we want to bring an environment where women can come and have a special shopping experience.To us its important that people know that they are getting honest feedback and people with a"gift of style." With that gift of style the end result being a piece that is stylish, beautiful, and timeless. In bringing Wynk to life we also wanted to cater to many ages. We have items in the store that fit a wide demographic. In fitting that demographic and psycho-graphic we want to to fit both young and sophisticated individuals with the merchandise in our boutique.

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